Saturday, October 11, 2008

Nostalgic Violet + Green Fairy Treats

Violet is probably my favorite flower flavor. During my last trip to Paris I stumbled upon the most amazing and beautiful supermarket. The name escapes me but it wasn't too far from the Eiffel Tower and there was a large department store next door. (If that rings a bell for anyone.) Anyway, it was so very French and gourmet and had a large assortment of flower-flavored candy, including some pretty, pastel-y marshmallows. I chose violet, of course. Back home, I tried to find them here (and online) but to no avail.

But here it is! Years later, picked up on a post-brunch walk last weekend. (I bought two: ate one, savoring the other. I'm sure it won't last!) Never did I think I would find them here in the states.

The Soubeyran website has an online shop now although it's not clear to me if this is for retail customers and whether or not they ship to the U.S. They have an assortment pack (that includes violet) or you can buy a box of orange blossom! (Which I'll have to try next time.)

Leone, an Italian confectionery company, creates little pastilles that you might find at your local gourmet market or coffee shop. I've blogged about the violet before. Recently I spotted this one, Absinth(e), with a lovely Art Nouveau design. I haven't tried it yet..the packing is too pretty to tear.

Oh, and apparently they come in orange blossom too!


judy said...

Hi Miss Jennifer,
There's a gourmet market here that sells those violet mashmallows. They're so good. Their bakery also carries rose jam cookies sometimes; also very good.
I've been thinking about making rose or violet meringues soon. I've made vanilla, almond and cherry (some with Splenda)which have all been very good.

Kate Black said...

You can get the violet marshmallows in NYC at Chelsea Market.

Funny. I'm headed over there today.

I just stumbled across your blog because I love making cocktails and infusing my own liquors, and was searching for a bulk source of edible violets for that. I can't even find violet extract.

jen said...

hi kate! try the violet flavoring from spice barn: i love using it for violet butercream. :)