Wednesday, May 24, 2006

International flower finds

I got some wonderful rose tea at the Asian supermarket near me. It's really good and a lot less expensive than the fancy rose tea that I've gotten at the gourmet stores (about $1.99 compared to $10.00-$15.00.)

You can get rose, violet, lavender, and jasmine ice cream in Paris. They're delicious and sold in ice cream stands thoughout the city. There is also a fancy bakery with several locations around Paris called Laduree. They have several flower items including rose and violet cookies, a pastry filled with rose custard and topped with rose whipped cream and candied rose petals, and a similar violet pastry.

The Whole Foods near me just started selling premade rose ice tea in individual bottles. It has a nice unsweetened rose flavor; very refreshing on a hot day!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Provencal Charm AND Candy...Re-visiting Flavigny


On my last trip to France (the source for flower-flavored goodies), Judy and I took a little trip to Flavigny, in Burgundy. For anyone who hasn't been to this village, you may know of it as the location for the film Chocolat. But it may be most famous for it's production of little anise-centered pastilles. The above is L'abbaye de Flavigny, where the candies are made. You can check out their site at Unfortunately for us, the abbey was closed by the time we got there. :(

Here's a sleepy village petit chat I caught with my camera mid-yawn:


Not to worry if you have no immediate plans to visit France. These treats are pretty popular here in the U.S. You can even find them at World Market for around $2 or so. They come in a variety of flavors including rose, violet, jasmine and orange blossom (the last two are a bit harder to find - try the web). Not to mention, the sweet little old-fashion tins that they come in. I've kept a couple to store safety pins and such.

And speaking of my last trip to France, there's an ice cream (gelato) shop you must visit the next time you're in Nice. I believe the name of the shop is Finocchio, in Vieux Nice. The first time I went there I was with my friend Natalie and her family and we were treated to a wonderful floral sundae: rose, lavender, violet and jasmine gelato topped with chantilly (whipped cream) and candies violets!!

Last time, because it was so insanely hot - and I just can't pass up good gelato - I treated myself to a huge cone of lavender, violet and jasmine.


AND speaking of flower-flavored gelatos, the good people at Whole Foods have taken to my little anonymous notes requesting flower ice creams. (and probably with the help of other floral-philes) Just recently I had the pleasure to taste the lavender chocolate gelato and rosewater jasmine sorbeto. Yum.