Saturday, November 08, 2008

Cosmic Chocolate: Cinnamon + Roses

I generally don't spend more than $4 on a bar of chocolate unless, of course, it's one that I haven't tried and there are edible flowers involved. (Or bacon - but that would be fodder for a different kind of blog.)

I found this bar of Cinnamon + Roses milk chocolate from Cosmic Chocolate at a local Frenchy shop. I was weary of the cinnamon and rose combination; I have found this to create some kind of odd, indescribable and non-flowery taste (When I tried - and failed - to make rose-flavored Snickerdoodles). But, alas, I am no professional chocolatier.

The chocolate is actual quite good. For milk chocolate. But the roses were nowhere to be found. The cinnamon had a slight floral note but I didn't pick up rosy-ness. I guess I want a $7 chocolate bar to taste rosy when it has roses in it!

Cosmic also make these spa-inspired truffles with flavors like Lavender Honey, Jasmine Orange and Chamomile Green Tea. But I'm not certain how flowery they would be.