Sunday, April 30, 2006

Flower Cookbooks

I have several great flower cookbooks. They all have a wide variety of both sweet and savory recipes; including drinks, main courses, appetizers, and desserts. You could make a flower feast!

The Forgotten Art of Flower Cookery by Leona Woodring Smith
Edible Flowers: From Garden to Palate by Cathy Wilkinson Barash
Edible Flowers: A Kitchen Companion by Kitty Morse
The Lavender Cookbook by Sharon Shipley (a friend of my mom's)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Cherry Blossom Kit Kat

My friend Ral found this amazing limited edition treat on a recent excursion to the Asian market.


Apparently, cherry blossoms are considered lucky in Japanese culture and this Kit Kat bar came out during school entance exams.

To learn more visit:

Ral sent me a bar, wishing me good luck with my impending move - thx, Ral :)

Btw, the candy is quite good - reminds me of pink birthday cupcakes from childhood.

Floral-flavored Recipes from MS's Living

Welcome to Flower Foods where we'll be posting recipes, resources and more about edible flowers.

Just this month I received my May 2006 issue of Living. Inside, there are at least three beautiful and faery-like dessert recipes featuring violets, rose and orange blossoms.

Have a look!