Friday, September 08, 2006

Another great cookbook

I accidentally came across another wonderful cookbook filled with great flower recipes. It's not actually a flower cookbook, but rather a very cute and charming strawberry cookbook entitled Strawberries: Favorite Recipes. It has adorable drawings throughout (many of which are reminiscent of toile.) I was pleasantly surprised to find recipes such as "Meringues with Strawberries and Rose Fragrance," "Strawberry Punch with Rose Petals," "Strawberries with Cream and Lavender Honey," "Cold Strawberry Apricot Soup" which is garnished with apricot-colored tulips, "Cream Cheese and Almond Sauce and Begonia Flowers" and many other flower recipes. It's a really cute book with lots of great recipes, both sweet and savory.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Tigers & Strawberries

I just stumbled upon this wonderful post in Tigers & Strawberries, a food blog by a lady named Barbara Fisher. This post provides some useful information about edible flowers, as well as some links to her yummy sounding original recipes!

Visit » to see for yourself!

Flowers to Come

Sorry, still lagging in my Flower Food posts. Moving and work has been crazy lately.

And maybe because it's been so hectic, the BF and I have made spontaneous plans to visit Paris! He's never been, so I can't wait to show him around and also discover new things for myself. And of course, you know what this means...

Flowery-flavory treats! Floral liqueurs, here I come. I'll keep you posted. :)