Friday, December 08, 2006

Sweet Finds

Yesterday, my DB and I decided to take a break and venture off to the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. I've heard many good things about the Market over there.

It truly is a delightful place. One of the first things I came upon is
» Miette, an organic patisserie. Besides, obviously, their lovely cakes and desserts, they have a wonderful collection of cute, Frenchy cakeplates, homemade rose petal jam and candies imported from France.

miette's counter at the ferry building

I bought this box of mints there that contain violet essence. Imported from Provence. (The rose-flavored Turkish Delight is actually from the Berkeley Bowl market, but I threw it in there cuz the mints looked lonely.)

flower candy

You'll find other foodie items like this lavender salt. I had it over at Nadaly's when she and her hub were grilling up some lamb chops - yum, so good!

lavender salt

Hediard French preserves, orange blossom and jasmine:

ferry building: french jams

Finally, some very pricey imported pastels (rose and violet flavored included in the assortment):

flower candies