Wednesday, May 24, 2006

International flower finds

I got some wonderful rose tea at the Asian supermarket near me. It's really good and a lot less expensive than the fancy rose tea that I've gotten at the gourmet stores (about $1.99 compared to $10.00-$15.00.)

You can get rose, violet, lavender, and jasmine ice cream in Paris. They're delicious and sold in ice cream stands thoughout the city. There is also a fancy bakery with several locations around Paris called Laduree. They have several flower items including rose and violet cookies, a pastry filled with rose custard and topped with rose whipped cream and candied rose petals, and a similar violet pastry.

The Whole Foods near me just started selling premade rose ice tea in individual bottles. It has a nice unsweetened rose flavor; very refreshing on a hot day!

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