Monday, October 13, 2008

More Reasons to Move to France

Well, I finally ordered several items from the aforementioned Confiserie Florian. They have an amazing selection of flower items and I was delighted with everything that I got. First, there were rose and violet gels. They are little soft gel square candies covered in sugar. Both have flower petals in them and and nice flavor. I also got white chocolate rose and white chocolate violet bars. The chocolate is rich and flavorful and both have a lot of candied flowers in them. Lastly, I got some calissons: almond shaped candies with a firm paste-like consistency. They are made with melon and are flavored with rose or violet and coated with a rose or violet icing. In a previous order, I got some crystalized petals from them. It was a nice assortment of roses, violets, verbana, and mimosa. The nice thing about these petals was that they were bigger than most others.

In domestic flower food news, I ordered some very nice lavender-vanilla sugar from the Spice Barn. It's great on French Toast and I imagine that it would be great on lavender scones or shortbread.


jen said...

miss judy, i don't think they make those calissons with the flower icing anymore - oye!

judy said...

hi miss jennifer,
they're still there; they're just not labeled on their english site. they're the second item on the calissons tab/page. or, you can go to their french page. i think that they are labeled there.

jen said...

thanks miss judy, i'll have to take a closer look!