Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jasmine Flavoring; Or, the Joys of the Indian Market

One of the things I love about the SF Bay Area is the large Indian community. I mean, I LOVE Indian food and up there there are restaurants a-plenty. This also means there are a lot of Indian grocery stores...and flowery foods!

On my last trip up north I stopped by a local Indian market near my parents' house. Inside I spied rose ice cream, rose spread (like jam), rose syrup, wild violet syrup from Pakistan (egads, I almost bought this one but I still have most of a bottle of Monin's violet syrup in the fridge!), Turkish Delight (rose and lemon), some spectacular ground rose petal and sugar concoction AND this little bottle of jasmine flavoring.

I exercised a considerable amount of self control when presented with so many pretty and flowery things but I allowed myself this one, as I do not have any jasmine-related items at home. I haven't tried this yet...perhaps a simply little pavlova with rose-flavored meringue topped with jasmine whipped cream would be a good test.

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cinderelly said...

what a lovely blog! i love flower waters and floral flavorings also.