Friday, June 23, 2006

Rose Recipe Book

I just bought a great book entitled Rose Recipes from Olden Times. It has culinary, perfume, potpourri and other recipes dating back from the 1500s. Many recipes use old spellings (flowre instead of flour and oyle instead of oil.) Recipes include "A bag to smell unto or to cause one to sleep," "Odoriferous candles against venome and the plague" and "Rose wine" (which is fermented for 30 days with a piece of toast covered with yeast.)Unfortunately, because measurements include "4 pecks of Damask Rose leaves" or "a sixpennyworth of storax," they're somewhat impractical today. Even still, it's still a great book. It is a 1973 reproduction of a 1939 book. All of the pages are adorned with quaint drawing of flowers and people.

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