Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rose Pans from Nordicware

No, you can't eat these flowers but they can certainly help make up some irresistably cute flower-flavored cakes.

The large rose bundt pan is from my friend Ral. The 6-rosebud pan is from Mom.


Yesterday at Linen 'n Things I saw they make a smaller rosebud pan to make 12 little muffin-sized cakes! Oh, so cute! It was $30 though and I don't really need another rose cake pan.

Not right now anyway.

» http://www.nordicware.com


judy said...

Try looking at TJ Max, Marshalls or Home Goods (if they have them near you.) I got the rose bunt pan and rose cupcake pan there for much less. They also had a cupcake pan with three different flowers.

jen said...

Yes! Good point. brMom got me the 6-rose pan from TJ Maxx for $16! the 12-rosebud pan is new - but I'll have to keep an eye out for it.