Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lots of Flowery Treats

This is a very nice rose-lavender tea made by Shonfelds. You can really taste both flowers. It comes in a pretty glass canister as well!
I came across this Valentine's day tea by Harney and Sons. It's chocolate with rose petals. The rose flavor is subtle, but overall the tea is quite good. Plus, it comes in a nice little tin.

On a now not so recent trip to England, I discovered some wonderful flower foods. First were these delicious Italian rose cookies: Biscotto Di Frolla Ricca alla rosa. They were rich butter cookies with a strong rose flavor. They were buttery, almost like shortbread. They were delicious!

While shopping the in oh-so-posh Harrods department store in London, I was very happy to discover that they had opened a location of the aforementioned Laduree in the store. After having a fancy rose pastry there, I took some violet tea home. The flavor is delicate, but nice.


oldflowers4me said...

oh my- you had violet tea- did it taste nice , the smell must of been love jo anderson.

Anonymous said...

If you love flower goodies, try flower syrups from France. Add to champagne, over yogurt, in ice cream, creme brulee. Go to they have lots of flavors of the syrups and the jellies. Ciao!!!