Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fuchsia Epicerie Fleur | Montreal, Quebec

During my first-thing-in-the-morning web-surfing (I'm a geek, I know!), I discovered this flower-themed restaurant in Montreal, Quebec (Canada) called Fuchsia Epicerie Fleur. I've aways wanted to visit Montreal. My grandparents lived there many years ago, and would regularly return on vacation.

Go here to read this little article featuring Fuchsia Epicerie Fleur in the » Montreal Gazette.

The article is recent, so the restaurant should be there. Here's the info:

54 Duluth East, Montreal, Quebec (H2W 1G8)

{at St. Dominique, Plateau}
phone: 514.487.3155

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Anonymous said...

hi! my name is binky and i'm the owner of fuchsia, epicerie fleur. i came across your site while seeking out new sources for violet flavouring, and so glad that i did! what a lovely surprise to see a blurb about my shop. thanks!