Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cherry Blossoms Return this Spring

Cherry Blossom KitKat

I've blogged about it before but here it is again, Cherry Blossom KitKat! I think it's different from a couple of years ago: the wafers are covered in pink and white chocolate swirl (as opposed to just pink) and the cherry flavor seems more intense. I don't suppose those of you with a cherry flavor aversion would like these (churning up not so found memories of children's cough syrup) but to me, the cherry-ness is quite yummy and not medicinal.

The real deal, appropriately displayed on a cherry blossom plate:

Cherry Blossom KitKat

They've also got these "Little" KitKat bites that come in white and light pink, with a more mild flavor and a very sugary taste.

Lastly - and oddly - I found some cherry blossom potato chips:

I know! So weird! But...not? They look like regular chips but they do have a unique taste...kind of a flowery flavor that is more natural and herby, not fruity or perfumey. They don't taste bad at all but I don't find myself craving them.

Stop by your local Japanese market soon. I'm pretty sure these Sakura-flavored treats are only available in the spring!

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