Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bovetti White Chocolate with Violet Sugar

Bovetti White Chocolate with Violet Sugar

I've been waiting for another flower-related product to blog about! Funny, Miss Judy and I were just talking about some of her recent finds. (To be blogged about very soon I hope!)

Anyway, when I stopped by a local bakery to get a blended coffee thing, I spied some purplish candy out of the corner of my eye. (I think I have candy radar - cay-dar? Ok, lame.) There was a pretty display of imported chocolates and I zeroed in on the White Chocolate with Violet Sugar. Zing!

$8.50 for a candy bar is not cheap. It's a big candy bar, but still. Of course, I had to get it anyway. I mean, it's still cheaper than flying to France.

So, I'm kinda particular about my white chocolate. I'm not some white chocolate aficionado, but you know how sometimes white chocolate can have that weird artificial taste? Bovetti's white chocolate is pretty good, I think. I mean, it does have a strong, distinct white chocolate taste. But I felt that this taste overpowered the violet a bit. I know, violet can be so delicate, but I really want to taste the violet more than the white chocolate.

White chocolate should just be the vehicle for the violet flavor, IMHO.


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Shwankie said...

Thanks for the review!

I must recommend Neuhaus Chocolate's "violetta." The woman at our favorite gourmet shop told me it tasted like "velvet night covering purple," which is the cheesiest description of a chocolate I'd ever heard. She was right. It's dark chocolate with, of course, violet. It's subtle, it's rich, and it's the essence of violet. Jeez, now *I* sound cheesy :-)