Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dry Lavender Soda

Dry Lavender Soda

We spent a GORGEOUS day in Yountville this weekend, walking through the mustard flowers and dining at Bouchon. When inquiring about non-alcoholic beverages (I was drunk on the sunshine already), the waiter ticked off a list of ho-hum, been-there-done-that drinks until I heard the words "Dry Lavender Soda." If I were a cat, my ears would have perked up. Instead my bum bounced in its bistro-style seat and an "Ooo!" came out of my mouth.

I expected the lavender flavor to be stronger but as I sipped it, I found it's subtlety refreshing, especially on such a HOT March afternoon.

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christina said...

You have the best blog! I knew I wasn't the only one eating flowers out there... I look forward to your next installment. Living in New York, and being broke leads me to not eating as much flower food as I'd like. Another drink that's good is a Japanese green tea flavored with rose. Look here. It's unsweetened and really good.